miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

Diario de NYC (19a tanda) - Camilo Aguirre

We woke up early and headed out to Brooklyn to visit Desert Island
Balloon 1: We have two hours before they open
We walked to East River. There I drew a little. My dad took a stroll.
12:01 pm - They opened
Dad: Tell him, if I can use the toilet!

Google Desert Island in Brooklyn
When we went out, I felt terribly bad
Dad: But it turn ut really good for you.
Camilo: I know.
Woman: Let´s have some sifuzu at the Vietnamese place
Sifuzu was not sifuzu, it was Sea Food Soup, pronounced by the Vietnamese. 
Anyway, I ordered something else--- very good.

Woman: I have to buy a chair.
On the way home...

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